Tips on promoting

  These are some main guidelines if you are a distributor or retailer promoting Walkstool. We think that the general product strengths that should be pin pointed are:

  • Light weight
    Aluminum construction.
  • Portable
    Telescopic with a carrying bag.
  • Durable
    High quality and load capacity.
  • Comfortable
    Ergonomic and big seat.
  • Wide usage
    From professional to outdoor use.
  • Two sitting positions
    With or without folding out the lower legs.
  • Unique
    The only 3-legged telescopic stool in the world with patents and trade mark protections.

  These links will provide you with some additional informations. You are always welcome to contact us for further requests. Please click on any of these headings:

  • Webshop example
    Example of how to expose Walkstool in a webshop.
  • FAQ
    Frequently asked questions.
  • Pictures
    Pictures in high resolution for screen or printing.
  • Videos
    Videos with Walkstool.
  • Model chart
    A description of the 6 Walkstool models, including the detailed model chart seen below (PDF).
  • Walkstool Leaflet
    Leaflet as provided with each Walkstool (PDF).
Walkstool in a shop 1 Walkstool in a shop 2

These are two examples of how to expose Walkstool in a shop (click images to enlarge).