It depends on many factors like in which country, which continent, level of VAT or sales taxe and if you are buying it via internet, mail order catalogue, by a retailer for professional users, hunting, outdoor or caravan shops. Margins differs from country to country and sector to sector. But to give you an indication we show below approximately prices:

Walkstool model Euro USD
Comfort 75cm/30in 105-120 115-125
Comfort 65cm/26in 90-105 100-110
Comfort 55cm/22in 85-100 90-100
Comfort 45cm/18in 80-95 80-90
Basic 60cm/24in 43-51 43-48
Basic 50cm/20in 38-45 38-43
Walkstool Steady (accessory) 16-22 22-24